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Welcome to Stitched Tribeca

Hi there and welcome to Stitched Tribeca. The studio has been down but is not out. Look for me (Val) in my new studio in August.

The original shop and scheduled classes were forced into a sudden halt when an upstairs tenant had an electrical fire on 3/22/14. What the fire started upstairs, the sprinkler system finished downstairs. Water soaked walls, floors, ceiling and compromised electrical wiring closed Stitched down. Then delays to necessary building repair made a timely return to the storefront impossible.

It’s time to start afresh. New location. Cozier space. A more focused vision. Stitched Tribeca (version 2) is my personal studio. I’m embarking on a quest of “10,000 hours to mastery” - mastery of all things crafts, that is (big smiley face). Along the way, I’d love to share what I know through private or semi-private lessons. I will also continue to host the Stitched Craft Meet-Ups.

So, welcome to my website. Please do browse around. Contact me via facebook or e-mail if you have any questions or want to make an appointment to visit my studio.

- Val

Take a look at what the Stitched Tribeca kids have been up to. It’s just plain ol’ good fun to create together… but add to that the new techniques they are learning and practicing and in the end, the kids walk away with cool projects and skills for a lifetime.

Machine sewing. Hand stitching. Crochet. All sorts of miscellaneous craft knowledge and ideas picked up from lots making and experimenting.

I recommend project-based learning. I’m happy to work with you and/or your kids one-on-one or in small groups. Please contact me for more information.

Before there was the studio, there was the blog. Created to help myself find “inspiration in the everyday.” Made public in hopes that what inspired me might also inspire you.

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Stitched Meet-Ups

Calling on makers to come join our crafting community. Your level of expertise doesn’t matter. Beginner or Expert or somewhere in between: You are welcome. You might walk in alone, but you will surely walk out knowing at least one person a little bit better.

We meet twice a month. We bring our own projects (e.g. knitting, crochet, embroidery, hand stitching). We make for ourselves, for our friends or for charity. We trade crafting tips and ideas and support each other’s endeavors.

It’s a pretty cool thing to carve a little time out each month to make something and to connect with others in real time & real space.

Please contact me (Val) for more details on our next meet-up.